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SVECCS to VECCS Crossover Program

–Author: Joe Masciana



The goal of this program is to increase the membership in current SVECCS Chapters, increase numbers of active SVECCS Chapters, and increase the number of new VECCS members per year.



  • Increased membership in current SVECCS Chapters
  • Increased numbers of SVECCS Chapters
  • Give the students and new graduates a taste of what VECCS can provide to general and ECC practitioners
  • Draw in students to the SVECCS program
  • Expose students and new graduates to lectures and show them what a benefit it is.
  • Medicine constantly changes, CE is always required. As Vets, we need to keep learning new techniques. IVECCS should be the conference that they come to for that knowledge.



  • Students that have maintained “good standing” in their school’s chapter for 3 years during their Vet School career will receive the following benefits upon graduation:
    • The first year online only fee of VECCS membership fee is waived.  (Hardcopy can be included at the cost-difference from the online only membership).
      • VECCS Benefits Include:
        • JVECC Subscription
        • Online access to new papers
        • Free Access to Monthly Webinars
        • Facility certification guidelines
        • Members only meetings and webpages
        • First notification for early IVECCS Registration
        • Discount on Wiley textbooks
        • Clinics Listing
        • Reduced rates for advertising in JVECC
        • E-newsletter
        • First notification and preferred option for volunteering at IVECCS to receive free registration
    • Half-off registration to one IVECCS Registration to be used within the first year of graduation with the option to defer for 1 year.



This proposal will go into affect starting August 2015.

When this proposal goes into effect it will affect only future membership. All past memberships will not be taken into account as to give an equal chance to each student to achieve the benefits.

Students who have less than three years at their academic institutions will be gifted in the missing years to meet the above requirement under the condition that they keep active with their school’s SVECCS Chapter for the rest of their qualifying time at the university.


APPLICATION: Your NSVECCS representative will send your student chapter presidents a document for them to fill out information on qualified students.