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Internships and Externships

Listed below are current resources that we have for general and ECC focus internships and externships. As we gain more information we will update the page.

Remember! Your classmates, professors, and previous coworkers are also great resources. Have a hospital you may be interested in? Send them an email indicating your interest in their externship or internship. They will be happy to tell you about it. Most will also give you contact information for previous interns/externs. They will be a wonderful resource for you to get a real understanding of what the experience is like. 

AVMA Externship and Internship Information
Click the link below to be directed to the AVMA Externship and Internship information page.
AVMA Internships and Externships


Externships are a great opportunity for veterinary students to experience different veterinary practice operations, as well as to network and explore potential career options. NSVECCS is committed to being a valuable resource for our chapters by providing a list of potential externships available around the world!

Externship List
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For Veterinarians and Veterinary Partners

If you would like to include your facility in our database, we ask that you complete the following survey. The survey is designed to provide students with as much information as possible, so that externs may pick the facility that best meets their goals. Please answer as many questions as possible, this will ensure a better experience for both you and the extern. We hope that this turns out to be a wonderful experience for everyone involved!

NSVECCS Externship Survey


If you have questions regarding the survey, comments regarding your experience, or would like to be removed from the database, please contact 


**Please note that NSVECCS is merely a third party participant, relaying information between externs and externship opportunities. We are not responsible for communication between participants beyond what is posted on our website, nor management of individual grievances. However, if you have questions regarding our information in general, or comments regarding your externship experience, please contact or Thank you.**