National SVECCS

6335 Camp Bullis Road, Suite 23
San Antonio, TX 7825


Cross-Over Program

The Cross Over Program was established in 2015 with the goal of increasing membership in both SVECCS chapters and the VECCS after graduation.  

Who is eligible?
-      The veterinary student must have been an active member of their school's SVECCS chapter for 3 years
-      **Multiple students are eligible for this award at each veterinary school 

 What are the Benefits?
-       JVECCS Subscription
-       Online access to new articles
-       Free Monthly subscription to webinars
-       Facility certification guidelines
-       Members-only meetings and web pages
-       First notification of early IVECCS Registration
 -       Discount on Wiley Blackwell books
-       Clinics listing
-       Reduced rates for advertising in JVECC
-       E-newsletter
-       Half-off registration to one IVECCS registration to be used within the first year of graduation

If you have any questions please contact your schools NSVECCS representative. 
Who is my NSVECCS representative?