National SVECCS

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Article 1 - Name

The name of the organization shall be "Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society".


Article 2 - Objectives

The objectives of the organization shall be:

Section 1. To promote student participation and interest in veterinary emergency and critical care medicine.

Section 2. To provide opportunities for members to obtain hands on experience in veterinary emergencies and critical care.

Section 3. To provide additional opportunity for students to further their education in the field of emergency medicine.

Section 4. To make available information about opportunities to work in the field of emergency and critical care in veterinary medicine.


Article 3 - Membership

Section 1. Students available for full membership shall include all full time students of veterinary medicine at (university name here) who have paid their dues to SCAVMA and SVECCS.

Section 2. Membership and participation are free from discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, disability, or status as a disabled or Vietnam-era veteran.


Article 4 - Officers

Section 1. The officers of the Chapter shall consist of a President (with the possibility of having a co-president), Vice President, Treasurer, Fund Raiser, Small Animal Emergency Team Coordinator, and a SVECCS class representative for each class year.

Section 2. The SVECCS class representatives shall be elected in the first meeting of the school year.

Section 3. The new President(s), Treasurer, Fund Raiser, and Small Animal Emergency Team Coordinator shall be elected at the last meeting of the school year.



Section 1. The duties of the president(s) include delegation of tasks and duties, scheduling officer meetings, scheduling club meetings and talks, organizing club activities, and making final decisions on club proceedings.

Section 2. The vice president delegates tasks and duties in the absense of the president etc.

Section 3. The treasurer keeps accounts, deposits the organization's funds, and makes expenditures in a manner approved by the Business Office for Student Organizations.

Section 4. The fundraiser develops and coordinates fundraising events that meet the approval of the president(s) and university regulations.


Article 6-Amendments

Section 1. The Constitution shall be amended only by the club president(s). All amendments to the constitution and by-laws are subject to the approval of the Office of the Dean of Students.



Article 1-Membership

Section 1. Membership: The membership dues will consist of the predetermined SCAVMA fees and the $5 fee for individual clubs.


Article 2- Officers

Section 1. The officers having immediate charge of the Student Chapter affairs shall consist of a President (and possible co-president), Treasurer, Fundraiser, and Small Animal Emergency Team Coordinator.

Section 2. The President, Treasurer, Fundraiser, and Small Animal Emergency Team Coordinator shall be a second, third, or fourth year student in the current school year in which they are active.

Section 3. The Small Animal Emergency Team Coordinator shall be a student that has participated in the Small Animal Emergency Team.

Section 4. All officers shall be elected via popular vote from all members of SVECCS.


Article 3-Officer Meetings

Section 1. Meetings shall be scheduled at the discretion of the president(s).


Article 4- General Meetings

Section 1. At least one general meeting shall be held each month of the semester. The first meeting of the year shall be in the first month of the fall semester and may be an informational meeting. There shall be a guest speaker meeting at least once a month starting the month after the first informational meeting. Elections should be held in the last meeting of the school year.

Section 2. The president(s) shall schedule and decide the time and location of all general meetings and make the information available to all SVECCS members in advance.


Article 5- Wetlab

Section 1. There shall be at least one wetlab scheduled in the school year in either semester. The content of the wetlab shall be decided by the president(s) and advisor(s).


Article 6- Small Animal Emergency Team

Section 1: The club should offer the opportunity for members and non-members to participate in the small animal emergency team (SAET), which allows participants to aid in emergencies at the ICU. All participants are required to have formal training prior to participating in the SAET and must sign-up for scheduled times. The prior training will consist of a one-hour lunch or after school meeting explaining such techniques as CPR and management/classification of the emergency patient, as well as explanation of shifts and what is expected of students if called in.


Article 7- SVECCS Informational Board

Section 1: There shall be a SVECCS informational board that is maintained and updated each semester by the club officers and should be used as an informational guide for all SVECCS members. The board should have a calendar of all upcoming SVECCS events.


Article 8- Fundraising

Section 1: All Fundraising ideas shall be approved by the president(s) and shall follow all regulations and restrictions required by (name university and name of your school's veterinary college here)


Article 9- Elections

Section 1: All officers shall be in office for one term only, which consists of one school year. Student Representatives may remain in office for the following year if there are no challenges for the position during elections.


Article 10: Ratification

Section 1: The Constitution and these Bylaws shall be effective as of (date/year here).

Updated 9/15/17