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We encourage sharing of lecture and wet lab ideas, fundraising events/projects, CE events, etc. Below is a brief list of what is going on in other SVECCS chapters. Please contact the President of that chapter if you would like more details.
Colorado State University

  • Common SA toxin emergencies and treatments talk
  • IV fluid lecture for common emergency situations
  • IV cath wet lab
  • Public lecture on common emergencies and how owner's should handle followed by basic bandaging and how to obtain normal vitals for cats and dogs
  • Open house at J.L Voss Teaching hospital-booth set up to educate public about what SVECCS does within the school
  • Emergency procedures wet lab (Trach tubes,Interosseous Cath, chest tubes, jugular cut downs, esophogeal feeding tubes)
  • SVECCS first aid day fundraiser (Morning- Dr.Vicki Campbell board certified in critical care and anesthesia will give an interactive lecture on common emergency situations and ways owner's can prevent or how to deal with them when they occur, Afternoon- normal vitals and howto obtain, simple bandaging, CPCR, common household toxins, and teaching hospital tour)
  • Rene Scalf, CVT, VTS (ECC), Assistant Supervisor - Critical Care Services, AVECCT president will give lecture on common ECG arrhythmias and emergency treatment.
  • Journal Club
Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Cadaver lab (chest tube placement, thoraco- & abdominocentesis, endotrach tube placement, IV catheter placement)
  • Lecture with Dr. Dennis Burkett, ACVECC, ACVIM (What it's like to open/manage an emergency/referral practice and the importance if creating a culture in your practice)
  • SVECCS room"Common pet emergencies and how to be prepared" at Cornell CVM Open House for the public.
  • CPCR simulation lab with RoboJerryPetEmergency Preparedness room during the Cornell Vet School's Open House in April
Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine

  • Fundraising Event: Dog Wash after SCAVMA annual Great Rover Road Run
  • Open House Endoscopy Display, where kids get to "fish" candy out of a stuffed tiger's stomach using the endoscope
  • Fundraising Event: Open House t-shirt sales, image changing coffee mugs, color changing beer mugs, and first aid kits for kids
  • CPCR Wetlab including the basics of dummies and using cadaver dogs and practicing open chest CPR
  • Feline Cadaver wetlab- Emergency Procedures
  • Monthly Case Rounds with the interns
  • Lunch Lecture- Joint meeting with VBMA, Dr. Dennis Burkett VMD, DACVECC, DACVIM (Cardiology): The Fundamentals of Owning a Emergency and Referral Hospital (Pfizer sponsored lunch)
  • Lunch Lecture- Dr. Woods,BioVeteria- Antivenoms (sponsored lunch)
Ontario Veterinary College
  • Lunch Time Lecture - OVC SVECCS Presents Dr. Floras who will be discussing the Basics of Transfusion Medicine 
  • OVC SVECCS Emergency Procedures WetLab  
  • Lunch Time Lecture - presents Dr.Holowaychuk will discussing the fundamentals of Trauma Medicine 
  • OVC Second Annual Dog Jog - OVC SVECCS will have a table set up after the run to discuss pet first aid with the public  
  • Lunch Time Lecture- Nutrition in the Critical patient 
  • Selling first aid kits
Purdue University
  • Lectures (Exotic Emergencies - Joint with Exotics Club, Managing the Acute Abdomen, Equine Emergencies - Joint with Equine Club, Diabetic Ketoacidosis, Fluid Therapy and the Emergency patient, VIN Hemorrhage Simulator)
  •  ICU Rounds(Discuss in house cases with Criticalists)
  •  CPCR Wetlab
  • "Procedures"Wetlab: Students gain experience w/ placement of thoracotomy tubes,tracheostomy tubes, various feeding tubes, and central venous catheters.
  •  Bake Sale
  • T-shirt Sale
  •  Open House:Allow community to observe how the ECG machine works , Allow children to listen to a heartbeat through a stethoscope, Have information on common household toxins

University of Calgary
      • ECG lab - students practice quick and efficient ECG placement on dogs followed by a ECC professor directed ECG analysis session.
      • Toxicology lecture - Internal medicine + ECC professors review how to collect history, diagnose and care for the toxic emergent patient.
      • Radiology review - 3rd year student directed session reviewing uses and analysis of radiographs in the emergent patient
      • AARDA president presentation - How AARDA (AlbertaAvalanche Rescue Dog Association) certified dog teams train tobecome vital to human emergency medical response within Canadian RockyMountain ski resorts in the event of an avalanche. 
      • 3rd Annual UCVM CPR Competition - Teams of 4-5students from all 4 years group together to save the life of one of ourJerry dogs.  Professors and SVECCS executives create a new cardiacarrest scenario every year focusing on fostering an environment of effective team work and communication despite clientand situational distractions.  Teams are scored by judges. The winningteam gets their names engraved on a plaques.
      University of California at Davis
      • E-team SAEmergency/ICU shadowing
      • Officer meeting - all officers plus faculty adviser. 
      • Shuttle service fundraiser - provide rides for visiting Criticalists between airport and UCDavis
      • Fluid Therapy Wetlab -2nd session of Level 1 of CPR Wetlab series
      • Rounds: Blood Gases -joint event with Anesthesia and Pain Mgmt Club, food provided
      • Pet food distribution fundraiser - meet at loading dock, work 2.5 hours to earn $ for SVECCS-UCD
      • Spring SVECCS Symposium - to provide CE to local DVMs/RVTs and students

      University of Minnesota
      • Colic Lecture
      • Dystocia Lecture
      • Numerous small animal clinical correlates
      • CPR wet lab for students 
      University of Missouri
      • Bandaging wet lab with Equine Club
      University of Wisconsin-Madison

      • For most of the spring semester (Jan- late March), the Emergency and Critical Care Elective 1 is offered to the first 40 students (VM years 1 and 2) who sign up. The elective is organized and run by SVECCS and includes 10 lunch time lectures from local clinicians on various aspects of emergency medicine and a single Saturday wetlab (consisting of stations to practice taking blood pressures, venipuncture,basic suturing, CPR, reading EKGs, running bedside diagnostic tests,calculating and programming fluid rates, and other similar activities). A few of the lectures designed for the elective are also opened up to the entire student body to attend if interested.

      • March 31st is the annual CE Emergency and Critical Care conference. This year's topic is abdominal emergencies (such as GDV, urinary obstruction, reproductive emergencies, septic peritonitis, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, and acute liver failure) and features a day of lectures from UW Madison VMTH emergency clinicians and emergency veterinarians from elsewhere in Wisconsin. This conference is the major fundraising opportunity for SVECCS at UW Madison.


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